About the South Salem Rotary Foundation

Who we are:

The South Salem Rotary Foundation has been funding local organizations for over 20 years.  We tend to give smaller grants in the $500 to $1500 range and prefer to be one of a group of funders though we’re open to being the first as well.  Our board consists of 3-7 South Salem Rotarians who choose to serve on this committee to further the work of Rotary and our clubs community priorities to build a stronger, healthier, and more dynamic Salem.


The Foundation funds all year-round.  We meet every six-eight weeks to decide on proposals.  We generally consider all proposals received prior to the meeting at a single session, however, sometimes we will hold proposals for later consideration.  If you’ve not received an email from us with a decision, your proposal is likely being held and you will be receiving word from us shortly!

Funding Priorities:

The South Salem Rotary Foundation believes strongly in improving the livability of our community by funding organizations who work with the following groups:

  1. Children and Families
  2. The Arts
  3. Improving Community Health

We strongly believe these priorities allow us to make strategic investments in organizations doing the very important work to strengthen Salem and its surrounding areas.

Other Things to Know

Since we are a foundation attached to a Rotary Club, there are a few things to know about applying to us for funding:

  1. Your request must have the backing of a member of our club.  Since our funds are limited, having the strong backing of one of our members helps us to better understand your story and the important work you are doing.  If you don’t know anyone in our club, we meet every Tuesday at Illahe and you are welcome to drop by and make an introduction of yourself and your organization.
  2. We tend to hold very strongly to our funding limits of $500 to $1500.  We are not a large foundation and we are most favorable towards projects with a strong multiplier effect or where are money is only part of a larger project making a strong impact.  However, we are always interested in newer initiatives as well or pilot projects with the ability to be expanded with a bit of data or experience.
  3. Our funding priorities are very wide and we welcome creative takes and projects which meet more than one of our funding priorities.  We are also very open to partnership projects which can provide opportunities for our club members to have a hands-on role.
  4. If your project is larger in scope and we are not able to fund it fully, we will reach out and let you know if we feel it is a good match for a district grant or other larger funding opportunity in connection with our other Rotary Clubs in Salem and District 5105 partners.

Apply to the South Salem Rotary Foundation

Apply to the South Salem Rotary Foundation

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