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South Salem Rotary Membership Application

South Salem Rotary is one of several Rotary Clubs in the Salem area. We are proud of our fun and energetic organization and we hope you’ll choose us! If you’d like to find out more about Rotary in general, please take a look at our Resources page.

How to Join Rotary

Here are the basic steps involved in becoming a Rotary member.

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  1. Express Your Interest. If you know someone in the club, just ask to be invited to a meeting or fill out an application. Your host will give you an application at the meeting, or fill out our online membership application below.
  2. Attend a meeting. You will be invited to attend a meeting so you can meet the other South Salem Rotarians and learn more about us. Your application will be processed according to Rotary’s procedures and you will be notified of official acceptance.
  3. Receive your membership badge, begin attending meetings. Once you join, you will wear a red badge until several tasks are complete, including: serving as a greeter for four meetings, attending another club or other Rotary function, getting assigned to a committee, and having all the club members sign your welcome sheet.

Membership Application